Burt Reynolds Gets Medieval on TV Producer

BanditJack Horner was Burt Reynolds’ (DVDs) greatest ever film role. Even his grandiose movie star status in the 1970’s can’t come close to his turn as the leisure suit wearing porno filmmaker in Boogie Nights.

But in everything he does (no matter how unlikely it is to get a theatrical release for longer than an afternoon) you’ve just gotta love a guy so resolutely stupid as Burt.

At a movie premiere for his latest work of genius, The Longest Yard, angry Burt Reynolds decided to slap a television producer in the face. Great Career Choice No. 1457.

Far from Alzheimer's kicking in, this rib-tickling piece of fun was just the Bandit being playful after the producer admitted that not only had he not seen Reynolds’ new movie, but not even the 1974 original it was based on.

And people moan at us for not doing research.

You don’t know anything about the movie?” said Reynolds as he fronted the unnamed CBS News producer “What … kind of guy are you?

Damn straight. That’s as bad as turning up at someone’s birthday party without a present. We all know you're going for the free booze, but when’s a flippin’ petrol station not open?

A spokesman for the fluffy haired professional tache wearer claims he was only joking around. Like slapping your best buddy for sleeping with your wife. It’s all in the name of fun.

He playfully tapped (the producer) on the cheek, as if to say, ‘Well, that’s not very nice.’ He was kidding.

Unfortunately the CBS News camera just managed to miss catching the slap on air so we’ll all have to make do with imagining the scene instead.

We can tell you Reynolds was wearing a black suit and quite possibly some kind of wetness concealing underwear (he is pushing seventy) if that’ll help.

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[story by Chris Laverty]

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