Eurovision Odds - Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus
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CyprusDay three of the hecklerspray and rundown of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest entries. The competition will be held on May 21st, and is the traditional day that all of Europe puts their old differences aside and invents a load of new differences based on whatever frilly shirt the Hungarian entrant is wearing.

Today we're going to be looking at three countries that have changed the world. And when we say "changed", we mean "haven't really changed": Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus.

Bulgaria (pop. 7,537,929; a republic in the southeast of Europe)
Singing for victory for Bulgaria is Kaffe, Bulgarian band of the year 2004, a title which is as prestigious as being Swindon's best shade of beige 2004. Their song is Lorraine, sadly not a cover of the Bad Manners tune, but a ditty which rhymes "Lorraine" with "pain", "rain" and "name". Clever boys. Current odds - 369/1

(pop. 4,496,869; a crescent-shaped country in Europe bordering the Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Balkans)
The Croatian entry is Boris Novcovic, who is billed as "one of Croatia's greatest pop composers", though in reality he's a slightly confused-looking monobrowed gentleman. His song is Wolves Die Alone, a song which makes No Surprises look like Shiny Happy People. "Silence chains darkness like an anchor", it goes, "I am like leaves carried by the wind". Possibly an attempt to initiate a mass suicide. Current odds - 89/1

(pop. 780,133; an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea)
Representing Cyprus is Constandinos Christoforou, a chap who appears to be completely allergic to clothes. His song is called Come Baby, and is another exercise in bad rhyming. The classic "fire/desire" line is there, along with the classy "mysterious/delirious". It's cold in the Ukraine. He'll catch his death. Current odds - 89/1

As usual, there'll be more country profiles tomorrow. Don't forget to look at the 'Special Bets' section of for the full list - it changes in real-time. And put some money down, why don't you?

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[story by Stuart Heritage]

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What stupid comments you make!!! Do you find them funny?????

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I'm convinced that the interpretation that you gave to the Croatian song for instance -actually made you odd and tented to a suiside, with or without this croatian melody. your whole job on these comments is sucks!

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