Sorry Doctor, Who Is Next?
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The BBC production of Dr. Who has already seen it's main star Christopher Eccleston resign from the prospect of a second series.  This comes only after the first episode has been broadcast and raises the question of the longevity of the series.  How many Doctors can they really go through?

Although, over 9 million watched the first episode, Chris must have been cringing throughout. Perhaps, it was the first time he had seen himself playing the Doctor?

After all, he seemed to realise that it wouldn’t be such a great career move. Next stop, a bad soapCyberman_1 opera? Maybe Eccleston is afraid of being typecast as the kitsch doctor who runs around like a slightly intense clown with a multi-purpose blue shining object.

The program written by Russell T Davies is set for a second series that has been commissioned by the BBC, starring once again Billie Piper as Rose, the 'loveable' sidekick.

Who will play the next Doctor Who? Will it be a case of “Who the hell are you?” Only time and patience will tell.

Christopher Eccleston will surely have to endure the pain of seeing himself for a further twelve episodes, despite the fact he has said that he is extremely proud of the work of the 9th re-incarnation of the retro time traveller. Chinner!

Eccleston now probably hopes to recapture the height of his film fame, such as in Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave and, um, Gone In 60 Seconds. Can the damage be undone?

Can Christopher Eccleston still demand high-flying film roles after a further twelve episodes of this slightly mediocre television series?

David Tennant of Casanova has now been ear marked as a possible replacement for the second series. Casanova, of course, was written by none other than Russell T Davies. The plot thickens...

Hecklerspray is looking forward to see how far Davies’s writing takes Eccleston as Doctor Who - presumably to other planets and dimensions.

Also what other dire dialogue can we hear him say next? If you want to follow the travesty, then tune in to BBC1 on Saturday at 19:00 pm.

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