Eccleston in The Da Vinci Code?
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Christopher Eccleston is the current timelord in the mediocre new 'Dr. Who' series with Billie Piper. However,  the programme has already come under scrutiny for coming off a little too tacky.  Besides,  Eccleston doesn’t care as he quit the role of the time traveliing Doctor about three milliseconds after the first episode finished.

Did Eccleston have something better in mind? Better than the BBC production, that is. He seems to have avoided the typecasting trap early on and been able to bag himself a role in the up and coming The Da Vinci Code film based on the book by Dan Brown.

Eccleston might play Silas, the frighteningly pale and scary Opus Dei follower who intentionally hurts himself in return for religious repentance. A tough role, no doubt, for the talented actor. Why even bother doing the Doctor Who series in the first place? Exactly the point.

Will he start looking like a man sized Gollum to prepare for the part? Let’s seriously hope he wears more clothing and that we are spared the sight of his skinny frame.

Tom Hanks is also set to star as Robert Langdon, in the lead role and Jean Reno will play Paris police investigator Bezu Fache. Sounds too good to be true, except for the Tom Hanks bit.

The film is due for release May next year, and will feature the Louvre and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Getting filming permission for all the correct locations was a big key to the state of the film's future authenticity.

Get ready everyone, for next year should see the release of the daddy of all blockbusters. Everybody and their grandmother has read The Da Vinci Code, so it will surely rake in the viewers.

Definitely a worthy Oscar flick, even before the start of the principles of photography.

Let's just hope Ron 'Happy Days' Howard doesn't kick the interesting bits of the film out, like he did with A Beautfiful Mind.

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[story by Carl Allegard]

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