Amerie’s '1 Thing' Cutting Up the US Chart
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Uno New R&B starlet Amerie (CDs) from Washington DC, is currently cutting up the US Billboard singles chart with ‘1 Thing’.

The track - featured on the Hitch (CDs) soundtrack - is a contagious assembly of dope beats and soothing singing from the 22 year-old soul girl from the nation's capital. The song comes from her latest album Touch, and is currently at number 4 on the US charts, and vying to steal the lead very soon.

Her last album, All I Have went gold back in 2002, and this new one is said to be even better. Her album features produced tracks by Dr. Dre (CDs), Lil’ Jon (CDs), Red Spyda and even some vocals by Nas (CDs).

The New York Times called All I Have: “one of the year's most anticipated R&B albums”.

It shouldn’t be long now until 1 Thing is playing in the background of your local Mcdonald’s, such will be the breadth of this chart-topping potential. The song is said to be a mix of the DC go-go sound, which was originally well received when it first was heard with the older track, ‘Need You Tonight’. Amerie explains:

“The radio stations in DC were playing it like crazy before the first album was even finished! We wanted to revisit that DC sound because it's something we knew people outside of the DC area weren't totally familiar with. Honestly, I think what we've come up with on '1 Thing' is unlike anything else out there."

That’s for sure! An infectious beat combined with pristine feline vocals from the sexy songstress. The song co-produced by Crazy in Love producer Rich Harrison, will surely give Beyonce (CDs) a run for her money in the coming years.

Amerie has her very own version of a Crazy in Love track now, and expect 1 Thing to hit the top spot very soon. Although, 1 Thing is admittedly a better tune, which in no doubt will anger the bootylicious one.

It’s going to be tough competition now between Amerie and Ciara (CDs), now both vying for the top spot, which is currently occupied by some sort of R. Kelly reprise by the name of Bobby Valentino.

Expect Amerie’s track to hit up the charts once it's officially released in the UK on May 23rd as a single. That’s perhaps a little late for some, but its already been playing at all the hot nightclubs over here in England.

[story by Carl Allegard]

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