Christopher Eccleston To Become Big Brother Contestant
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DoctorIf you'd like hecklerspray's opinion - and while you're here, that's all you're going to get - the new Doctor Who (DVDs) series has been something of a hit and miss affair.

For every annihilated Big Ben or amusing Christopher Eccleston (DVDs) quip, there's been a crap 'surprise guest star' or Billie-Piper-powered swerve into Hollyoaks territory to even the balance.

Uber-talent Russell T Davies (DVDs), however, has announced details of an upcoming instalment that sounds intriguing to say the least. The good Doctor is all set to travel through time to our somewhat dubious modern era only to find himself stranded inside the Big Brother house ...

The BBC have been given total permission to use the infamous BB symbol and theme tune. This will be a spoof of the highly accurate variety, the Doctor even venturing into the diary room every now and then in order to bargain some sort of escape.

If this cross-channel madhattery wasn't peculiar enough, the very same episode will feature sidekick rose (dingy-lipped Ms. Piper herself) appearing on an episode of The Weakest Link. God only knows what questions she'll be asked. "Do you realise how lucky you are to still have a career?" "What first attracted you to Chris Evans ... apart from the fact that he has a bank balance the size of a developing nation? Was it his cheeky ginger smile?"

Or maybe Anne Robinson could stretch her face into one of those strange contortions she seems so fond of and ask: "exactly how much plastic surgery have I had over the past years?" Ahem ... allegedly.

On a reality TV-based note, it's being reported that ITV's Celebrity Love Island has been shedding viewers like nobody's business. Probably because it's about as entertaining as being a leper trapped in a wind tunnel.

Meanwhile, the real Big Brother is but ten days away.

Don't pretend you're not excited....

[story by C J Davies]

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