Idiot Toff Otis Ferry Arrested

Chinless jug-eared rich boy Otis Ferry - 22 year-old son of Roxy Music (CDs) frontman Bryan Ferry (CDs) - has been arrested after lunging at the newly re-elected Tony Blair and shouting 'I've had enough of this Cuffemgovernment.'

What, you may ask, was young Otis so riled about? Was it the fact that a Prime Minister who should have been impeached (you know, for that little matter of possibly pissing all over international law like it was an overflowing pub urinal) had just schmoozed his way through the most predictable election in living memory?

Oh, no. It was much more important than that. Poor little Otis threw his hissy fit because - oh, the horror - the government had dared to place a ban upon his favourite hobby ... namely that of fox-hunting.

Otis, apparently, likes nothing better than to see a screaming animal torn apart by trained dogs while he and his inbred trust-fund buddies look on and rub themselves in glee. And - gosh and bother - he wants the world to know it!

Having previously got into a spot of trouble for storming the House Of Commons last September (the assembled relics were so unsettled by this that they almost woke up), Otis decided to escalate things; to instigate as a face-to-face confrontation with Mr. Blair.

Except it didn't work. Infact, it was crap.

Blair - heading into an election victory party at the National Portrait Gallery - simply looked a little bemused as this jellybrained nonentity attempted to jump the barriers before being hauled away by weary policemen.

The truth is Otis simply embarrassed himself; a textbook entry in the David Brent (DVDs) Compendium Of Prostesting. Still ... we're sure the humilation will fade away when he remembers just how rich his daddy is.

The overprivileged arse.

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That’s the second Roxy Music-linked assault on the Right Honourable Tony Blair’s Prime Ministership, considering Brian Eno was funding Reg Key’s campaign to have Blair unseated. Otis should look on the bright side - sure, fox hunting will become a thing of the past, but at least Jon Culshaw’s Dead Ringer impressions of the PM continue to remain a part of the present.

Posted by: Dom at 8 May 2005 11:21:04

Pathetic article. You people understand nothing of country people nor country life, you are slandering a man who is an innovative figure in the hunt and a thouroughly decent chap. until you know the facts and speak to the man yourself then i suggest you keep your shaved heads low hung in your council flats and leave the countryside to fight it's battle with out you popping out of the tower block with empty unresearched slanderous remarks. the only ones rubbing themselves are you and thats to block out your meanigless exsitence, you UNDERPRIVILEGED arse.

Posted by: Alexandra at 5 Nov 2005 21:11:16

oh and i suppose you hav met otis have you? and you have been out hunting? or are these just your predjudiced views? perhaps you should consider the facts before you write such articles. not everyone that hunts is rich and most are definetly not toffs. not that you would know because you havn't taken the time to research your subject before writing about it. otis had every right to be angry as thanks to tony blair he was to become unemployed how would u feel if your occupation suddenly became outlawed? and dont even think that it doesn't matter because he can always go running back to daddy wen he runs out of money because thats not how it works. Would you expect your parents to bail you out the whole time? otis is a decent guy and does not want to be dependant on bryan for the whole of his life. he wants to go out there and make his own money not live off his dad. hunting provides jobs to many people in the country side many of my friends hav jobs that rely on hunting but now their jobs, livelihoods, houses etc hang in the balance. dont think that you hjave seen the last of hunting there are tens of thousands of us just like otis who are determined that this unenforcable law will not destroy hunting of any sort be it fox, mink, stag, hare coursing etc.

Posted by: luce at 20 Nov 2005 15:02:25

some points:
I'm pretty sure that the person who wrote the article won't have their job outlawed - as far as I know writing snarky stories about idiots doesn't actually involve killing things, unlike hunting.
And if my Dad was Bryan Ferry, I'd try and get him to bail me out of everything, the rich sonofabitch. Brian Eno was always the good one anyway, wasn't he?

Posted by: myuff at 20 Nov 2005 16:24:38