Indiana Jones 4 Script Approved
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Hat_1Well, technically speaking, that is. After what seems like an eternity, and more slithery rumours than you can shake an bullwhip at, it appears that - finally - Indiana Jones 4 is going to be made.

According to Variety, screenwriter Jeff Nathanson’s draft for the World Most Famous Archaeologist™ has been approved by both creator George Lucas (DVDs) and his partner-in-crime Steven Spielberg (DVDs). Nathanson, who is also working on Rush Hour 3, was brought onboard by Spielberg himself, who was highly impressed with his efforts on flicks such as Catch Me If You Can and The Terminal.

However, the news that both Lucas and Spielberg are happy does not necessarily mean that the film is a definite go. In fact, it could still very much all go to pot. And here’s why: Harrison Ford (DVDs) has yet to read it.

Lucas has been quoted in the past saying that the film would only get the green light if he, Spielberg and Ford were all satisfied by the script. Many may remember a while back when Shawshank Redemption scribe Frank Darabont had a crack at Lucas’ own James Bond, but he was sent packing (presumably with a large boulder chasing after him). So, even if the producer and director do like the script, it still may all hang on what ol’ Indy himself has to say.

But now with Lucas relatively free from his Star Wars duties, and with Spielberg still interested in directing (the film, that is, not in general), we can only hope Harrison, still looking sprightly for a 61 year old (62 on July 13), can drag himself away from his real-life heroics long enough to track down another priceless artifact. Actually, what we really hope is that the film will be any good. But it’s very early days yet.

Filming is due to begin in 2006.

[story by James Hickey]

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