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If the hype surrounding Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith gets any more intense, people will actually start soiling themselves openly in the street each time someone mentions any of the following: LegijedoStars, Wars, Episodes, Revenges or Siths.

In the last few days, film critics have been allowed to see and review the movie. It's our pleasure to round up what they thought of it. And hopefully glean some spoilers from the reviews.

John Hiscock from The Mirror has called it "A roller-coaster ride of breathtaking action, romance and a heartbreaking choice between good and evil". Potential spoiler - There are roller-coasters! Yay!

According to Simon Rothstein from The Sun, "The one-on-one fights are like watching Mohammed Ali v Mike Tyson." Potential spoiler - The one-on-one fights are like watching a helpless man shaking with a degenerative brain disease fighting a convicted rapist that eats people's ears.

Leigh Collins from This Is Hertfordshire gives us this clue, "The film starts in an orgy". Potential spoiler - An ORGY? Fingers crossed for Natalie Portman, fingers slightly less crossed for Ewan McGregor and a giant lizard.

The fabulously-named Kirk Honeycutt from the Hollywood Reporter says "A particular standout is a giant lizard McGregor gets to ride". Potential spoiler - Bugger.

Chris Tookey from The Daily Mail says "
I am an admirer of the films as a whole, especially those episodes in which Harrison Ford lends a welcome edge of cynicism and sex appeal." Potential Spoiler  - Chris 4 Harrison 4 Ever!

Well, you hardly need to go and see the film now, do you?

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