Katie Holmes Says "I'll Marry You, Tom Cruise" At The Eiffel Tower
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Marryme_1Just when the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes relationship couldn't seem like it could get any more crazy or puke-inducing, it did. Now they're going to marry each other.

Katie Holmes has agreed to marry Tom Cruise, after he asked her at the Eiffel Tower early Friday morning.

Did we mention they both have films out, like, really soon?

At a press conference, Tom admitted "Yes, I've proposed to her. It was early this morning at the Eiffel Tower, so I haven't slept at all".

When asked why he chose the landmark, he replied "I've never been to the Eiffel Tower. It's Paris, it's a beautiful city, it's very romantic".

Never one to whisper something when he could stare you in the eye and scream it at the top of his lungs, Tom Cruise (DVDs) has chosen the exact moment in time when their profiles are at their highest to propose to Katie Holmes (DVDs). Katie's film, Batman Begins, is out this week, and Tom's on the premiere circuit for War Of The Worlds.

But why now? Maybe the romantic atmosphere around Paris, with it's hairy-armpitted ladies and poo-strewn streets made something click inside of him. Maybe standing at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower - basically like standing in between four massive lumps of concrete surrounded by men trying to sell you frisbees - ignited a romantic spark inside the heart of Tom Cruise.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's got something to do with their new movies. After all, 60% of Americans think their relationship is a publicity stunt. And the majority of Americans can't be wrong. Not unless they're choosing a president, anyway.

They're both in London on Sunday for the premiere of War Of The Worlds. People easily prone to vomiting are advised to stay well away.

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