About HecklerSpray

hecklerspray is a London-based web magazine. Our unique, biting brand of music, movie, TV, videogame and celebrity news, gossip and reviews has already attracted attention from as many as 50,000 unique visitors each day.

Launched in May 2005, we've already been noticed by publications such as The Observer (who hailed our "valuable background-and-betting-odds service") Oddjack ("we love these guys more than our George Foreman grill") and unofficial Charlotte Church website justcharlotte.co.uk ("offensive"). We've even been used as celebrity experts on Ireland's Dave Fanning Radio Show.

Just under 50% of our loyal readership live within the UK, with a further 40% logging on from America - primarily New York and California, as well as others from Canada and Australia. They tend to be super-literate, affluent readers aged between 18-34, with an equal male/female split. We love them all, naturally.

hecklerspray is a proud member of the Blogads network, which allows you to set up an advertising campaign with just a few clicks. We have previously featured successful Blogads campaigns for companies responsible for magazines, movies and SMS services.

We are also able to use IAB ad formats for display advertising on hecklerspray.

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