Will Young Fancies Girls And Takes Drugs
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Will_young_fancies_girls_takes_drugs After dipping his toe in the pool of rock ‘n’ roll, Pop Idol winner Will Young has come out all controversial and shocking and stuff by revealing he fancies girls and takes drugs.

The singer – who announced he was gay before beating Gareth Gates in the final of the ITV show – is well known for being one of the nicest people in pop, except for the times when he’s being a smug git. Now he’s gone and messed it all up by claiming he smokes weed and wants to shag women.

Blue Were Filthy Little Mimers
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MimeWe wept like little girls when this came through on the wire. Blue, the most extraordinary pop band of the last thirty years, used to mime on their records. Lee Ryan, you swine, you’ve killed the dream for all of us.

Lee Ryan (CDs) used to be in Blue. He currently sits, trousers round his ankles, at number nine in The Chart with his debut single Army of Lovers.

Ryan grew less impressed with his miming former band during the latter months, claiming it all went to pot as the ‘man’ started to take his cut and dream diminished.

"The satisfaction in the job had gone and doing it for the money was too shallow," he admitted.

"The reason I left Blue was that I wasn't giving it my all or concentrating on it, I believed I should have been giving it 100%".

Snoop Dogg is a David Beckham Fan
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Big_ballFrom west coast rapper to worldwide super icon, Snoop Dogg aka Calvin Broadus, is determined to bring his kids to one of Real Madrid’s games in their summer tour of America, so that they can see David Beckham in action.

Snoop Dogg (CDs) naturally wants his kids to see the football maestro at work, since it’s a rare opportunity that Beckham is playing in America.  Hopefully, David could dedicate a trademark free kick to Snoop. After all, Snoop Dogg is a big David Beckham fan.

Snoop said: "I'm a huge fan and want my kids to see Becks in action."

Lauryn Hill Has a Wardrobe Malfunction of the Late Kind
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WardrobeLast year Janet Jackson was crucified for her slipping nipple during the Super Bowl, and it was explained as a wardrobe malfunction.   

Recently however, a songstress has had a wardrobe malfunction of the late kind - she had no clue what to wear for a concert, and left the crowd waiting for the same length of time as a Lord of the Rings movie. How pleasant!

Do you remember The Fugees? If so, you obviously recall Lauryn Hill (DVDs), the woman behind the multi award-winning album The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill. There was definitely some mis-education going on at Lauryn's show, as she left the London Coliseum crowd dumbfounded as to where she was, and when the show would get under way, if ever.

Britney Spears Threatens to Take Kevin Federline’s Credit Card
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Credit_cardBritney Spears has become more suspicious and angry about hubby Kevin Federline’s spending.  She has apparently started to realise that he has no job, he has no career and he spends her money like it’s water.

Kevin Federline is becoming a financial burden, with his nights of partying and over the top cash flaunting. He has been running around with her credit card as if it was his own - and according to reports Britney Spears has threatened to take the card away from Kevin.

Posh Puts Her Foot Down on Becks and Snoop Partying
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BallnchainFrightened Victoria Beckham pulled a ridiculous wifey jibe when Snoop Dogg invited David Beckham on a night out on the town in London after Live 8. 

Posh made sure David Beckham wasn’t going anywhere with Snoop.  But David probably would have joined him in a blink of an eye, if Posh was not there.  A marriage definitely has it’s pros and it’s cons.

Wait a minute. Shouldn’t Becks be inviting Snoop Dogg (CDs) out for a night on the town?  It’s Beckham’s home country and he surely could have shown him a great time out somewhere, even if it was down at the local chippy.

Charlotte Church Beaten to Number One By 2Pac - Now She's Crazy
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45The first outing by Charlotte Church in her new disguise as a pop muppet, Crazy Chick, only got to number two in the British singles chart, beaten by Tupac Shakur and Elton John with Ghetto Gospel, from 2Pac’s Loyal To The Game album.  This has caused Charlotte to go all out in Diva fashion, because she reckons she should have been number one.

When Charlotte Church found out that Crazy Chick was beaten to number one by 2Pac, she sensationally told Radio 1: “All the best records get to number two".

Michael Jackson in Paris?
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SeineMichael Jackson is reportedly in Paris discussing a new documentary that will try and paint him in a better light, and to silence the doubters.  Michael Jackson left The Neverland Ranch ten days ago, and the reason for his trip to France is to formulate plans for a new film.

Michael (CDs) no doubt wants a documentary made to stop people referring to that infamous Martin Bashir documentary, which was considered as evidence of child molestation.  Michael Jackson has been in Paris since June 19th.

Destiny’s Child Lapdance And The Fugees Return At BET Awards
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TrophyThe fifth annual BET Awards was full of surprises with The Fugees performing for the first time in years and with Destiny’s Child giving selective lap dances.  However, the awards were a lot more predictable than the stage shows.

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett hosted the BET awards, first taking to the stage in a horse drawn carriage with iced out rims.  Pure class!

Michael Jackson To Become Vegas Attraction?
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Rumours are circling like special gossip-vultures that - assuming he makes it out of this little matter of a criminal trial intact - plastic-faced music man Michael Jackson (CDs) is all set to become a star attraction in sleazy old Las Vegas.

Vegas According to a report on U.S show Celebrity Justice (great title), Jackson has been in several talks with 'Nevada Showman' Steve Wynn about a possible regular tourist-pleasing guest slot.

Word has it that Jacko is a huge fan of the big old gamblin' city, and that - providing he doesn't get thrown into the slammer and treated to  some 'interesting' attention by his new cellmate buddies - he would be more than happy to step into the coin-wasting vicinity and belt out a few hits.

hecklerspray hopes that - if this does all go ahead - Mad Mikey follows in the footsteps of previous Vegas superstar Elvis Presley (CDs) and follows a weight-gaining 'cheeseburger-only' diet. Let's face it - who wouldn't pay to see a fat man moonwalking?

Oh, and someone let us know how the Jacko trial turns out, won't you? Makosi's just been told of her 'secret' Big Brother mission and - to be quite frank - we'd much rather be watching that for twenty-four hours straight...